Catalogue (2012-2014)

Super-16mm on HD

19.05 minutes


Super-16mm combined with digital images and editing with Jennifer Pike (93), artist, collaborator and wife of the late Bob Cobbing. The film offers observance to chance and language in the exchange between subject and filmmaker. Aiming to engage with existing ideas around Jennifer and Bob’s work, of creative interruption and distraction, through the prism of simple gestures of experimentation in the everyday life of a now elderly artist. Focusing on Jennifer as a catalyst of language and memory in the present, her history is touched upon by situating her within the material of the 16mm to digital film and her computer drawings Computer Dances (1995) as much as her material environment, papers and objects.

This space saw the production of Bob’s and Jennifer’s practices and lives converge but the film also takes Jennifer into a white gallery space, placing her work out in a new light. Filmed at Petherton Road and Camden Arts Centre, London.


Project supported by the Elephant Trust and Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England.